Saginaw Park Baptist Church is an ever growing community of believers seeking the truth in Jesus Christ.

We want to bring love and fellowship into the communities and families of North Texas and the world to help inspire the greatness of our Father. We all have a testimony to give in some way from our own life experiences. One of the biggest lies Satan tries to sell people is that the church is not important. We should not listen to his falsehoods but to only God's truth. Our focus is how God is changing lives powerfully and where should we invest. Whether you're lost, confused about religion or just scared of what tomorrow may bring, our family is here to help! Let us grow together in receiving the essential spiritual nourishment that only the Savior can bring into our lives!


We have activities that keep everyone connected and involved in the community.

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Sunday Worship 10:40
Sunday School 9:30 am
Wednesday Service 7:00 pm


Phone:  (817) 232 - 1235
Address: 512 S Blue Mound Rd. Fort Worth, Texas 76131
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