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What We Believe

Our faith is built on the foundational truths of the Scripture. The following are our fundamental beliefs: Virgin birth, atoning death, bodily resurrection and visible return of Jesus Christ. The bible is the living word of God, inspired and inerrant. The deity and perfect humanity of Jesus Christ. The Trinity, composed of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Believers baptism and the Lord's supper for those who scripturally qualify. The eternal security of the believer. A literal Heaven and Hell as taught in the Scripture. The local, visible and autonomous church as the living Body of Christ.

Who We Are
The membership of Saginaw Park Baptist are a people who seek to follow Christ in their daily lives. We are a family of faith who has experienced the like-changing touch of God. We seek to know more about the Lord Jesus, to follow His example as found in the Scripture, and to put into action His teachings. We are more interested on who you are on the inside than what you wear on the outside. We are a casual and friendly fellowship that seeks to build relationships with the people of this community. You will discover encouragement, service and love are the hallmarks of our people. You will sense the warmth and richness of God's love when you worship with us. Here you will find ample opportunity to use your gifts to reach out to others and become apart of a growing church.

Mission Statement
To reach and win the un-churched and teach the believers.




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